The Fight


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released July 26, 2013



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CIAC Massachusetts

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Track Name: Can I Live?
Should I hit the ground twice as hard for being held up in such a high regard?
Is my presence only in demand for what I provide and not who I am?
You swear that things will change as I sit and force a smile
Ask for me to lend an inch but I force a fucking mile
Time after time, I've tried to give the best that I can give
But now I have to ask just how can I live?
Track Name: Grip
Day after day I live the claim
And though the times have changed one thing remains the same
My convictions remaining true and that's more than I can say for you
A sense of control- complete command
The line in the sand that draws out where I stand
I can depend on myself without a guiding hand
For you, a weak will without a place
It's something you won't face- can't see the signs
Keep slipping and slipping as I continue to climb

When things go wrong my thought's still right
and I'm strong enough to put up the fight
My convictions remaining true and that's more than I can say for you
My grip is strong- I'll be holding on forever
Track Name: Not Yours
Played for fools but we're the ones who've learned
Head to the ground as you eat your words
"Time mends all" is what you say
But what was broken anyway?

(Try and) come back around with all your might
As if our respect's a god-given right
Your uncertainty, I've seen it before
From the first time you walked out that door
Trying to cheapen what is not yours
I know it's your choice to walk away
But what makes you think my life is yours for the taking?
Track Name: From My Grasp
Disregard a loved one's needs to keep fueling your greed
I doubt it's hard for you to believe it all leads back to my insecurities
What could have been before has left me searching for something more
But was it ever "just out of my reach" or at an arms length away?
And do you feel the same?

Turn to a drink to ease your pain and drown in your own spite
Take it out on the ones who can't put up an equal fight

Does it make me less of a man cause I fight the urge to turn to my fists when I can't understand?
Or am I fool to bother to ask if we had the chance, would you change the past?

How is it fair that's all that's left for me is the vision of you being all I can see when I look into the mirror
Your once distant face becoming clearer and nearer
Anticipating what awaits overtime's built up to my unwelcome hate
Does it make me less of a man cause I can't understand?

The past has passed, it's time to shake you from my grasp
Track Name: What More Can I Say?
Here I stand in dismay as you're casting stones coming back your way
See, your hate so strong for one's beliefs has made a weight so strong it pulled me to my knees
Cutting down both far and near but it's plain to see that it's out of fear

Let's get something straight, I can relate
Pain is something we all feel
But you sit back and wait to retaliate instead of fighting for something real
To heal

First to point a finger to avoid defeat
an ancient thought that's become so obsolete
I can't show you a thing if you're not willing to learn
but it's your well being that is my main concern

What more can I say? Will I ever get through?
Or am I throwing myself at something that just won't move?
Can't make much of a life living in black and white
And what will you build with misguided hands and blinded eyes?