Tables Turned

from by CIAC



silence screams so loudly when a life is on the line
inaction through indifference- your empty stare just chose your side
now you try to justify who lives freely and who’s abused
“those who can’t keep pace with human race are the ones who deserve to lose”

you’re sure to learn when the tables turn
if you’re not gonna fight for another’s life then i’ll be sure the same goes for you
what goes around comes back through

silence cuts so quickly as you watch another die
you never made a difference - you never tried
don’t understand how you live so blind when given the gift of sight
there came a time where you trained your eye to only see black or white

the tables have turned - now you’re gonna learn
you can’t keep pace within this race
this time it’s you that’s gonna lose

there will come a time - you and yours vs. i and mine
you won’t fight for another’s life - the same goes for you


from OF NONE | PROMO TAPE, released June 12, 2015



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